Time Slicer is a stopwatch with Categories.

Measure time allocation across topics, with categories representing individual time subsets. Time Slicer records it all for you.

Time Slicer: Timer Page

Time slicer starts with an empty project list. Tap the plus sign to create a new project.

Create a separate project for every event or activity you're timing.

Projects define time categories and associate them with a stopwatch shared across the categories. Get it on Google Play Get it on the App Store

Time Slicer: Homescreen

In the new Project form, give your project a Name, then add buttons for each Category you wish to track (e.g., US Politics, US News, Sports, International News, Commercials).

Tap the Done button when you're done!

Use the handles to reorder the buttons, or tap the Sort button (not shown) to sort the buttons alphabetically by button name.

Time Slicer: Project Edit

From the project list, tap a Project to open the Timer page where you'll track time across categories.

Projects are automatically sorted alphabetically by Project Title.

Swipe left to edit or delete a project.

Time Slicer: Project List

Tap the Start button or one of the Category buttons to start the timer. The app tracks overall time plus time spent on each category and the number of times the category activated.

There's no need to tap Stop until you are done timing: each tap on a category restarts the timer for that category and increments that counter for that category.

Time Slicer: Timer operation

Share results with others using any registered app on the phone, just tap the Share button (not shown) with the timer stopped.

Time Slicer: Results Sharing

Warning: The app is not intended for high-accuracy measurements; the application tracks time allocated across categories within a one-second accuracy.